2024: Wrong Way Driver Detection

Freeways in North America have infrastructure built to meet the needs of rapidly growing cities. The complexity of these roadways can create potentially lethal situations where confused drivers mistakenly go into oncoming traffic. Working to safeguard the public was of high importance to me and the wrong way driver project focused on this. Fortunately, there are technologies that warn motorists in real time that they are headed in the wrong direction. For the last 4 years I was proud to have worked on integrating and testing a wrong way driver detection system that used a radar and cameras to alert the driver, analyze what occurred, and notify the authorities that an event had taken place.

The project involved extensive field-testing, third-party certifications and evaluation, detailed results analysis, product integration, product and manufacturing documentation, creating manufacturing fixtures, and product installation support. At the projects completion the product had a detection accuracy rate of 99.96% over the course of 100,000 events and has fully operational installations.