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Details Matter

Common sense is highly uncommon, and I would add that good design is as well. I founded this company with the goal of helping people create quality parts and products. From a young age I obsessed about why things worked the way they did, so I built, analyzed, and used reality to validate ideas rather than pure theory. I believe experience is the best teacher. Whether a basic sheet metal bracket, complex integrated solar light, or user manual, it’s the details and execution that make the difference between the average and the enduring.

About Me

Hi, I’m Benjamin Jolie, a Mechanical Engineering Technologist based in Victoria, BC. Early in life I wanted to be in an environment where I could build things. In high school I learned computer drafting software and took metalwork classes, which led to work in machine shops that supported BC’s resource-based industries. I later completed the technology program at Camosun College in 2005 and immediately started work in the local tech community. 

When I’m not at work I like to be outdoors, exploring, taking pictures, mountain biking, and making the most of the beautiful province we live in.



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